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AIRIS SOLUCIONES will exhibit its new smart LED technology at LIGHTEC home | see all news
AIRIS SOLUCIONES will exhibit its new smart LED technology at LIGHTEC

AIRIS SOLUCIONES will be presenting its new smart LED technology, LIGHTEC, capable of reducing lighting bills by up to 90%. This technology, for which AIRIS holds the world patent, is the most efficient choice when replacing conventional bulbs with LEDs.

These smart luminaires have integrated light and presence sensors in the driver, which enables the company to offer its customers exclusive advantages such as:

- Maximum efficiency LED lighting, "300 lm/w" output of the luminaire over consumption, i.e. 200% better than the traditional fluorescent lighting and 60% better than the LED lighting by other companies.

- Integrated light sensor in each luminaire makes the most of natural light by maintaining constant light levels in the workplace. This functionality means an addition 70% saving in the case of luminaires close to the windows.

- Microwave presence sensors integrated into each luminaire detect the presence of people and reduce light levels when there is nobody present.

- Technology for changing the colour of the luminaire to mimic sunlight, whose colour varies from warm white to cold white depending on the time of day.

- A communications system in the luminaire through the light sensor and by PLC through the power supply line, offers unbeatable flexibility.

- Intelligence in each luminaire to process the data in the presence sensor, light sensor, and communications. 


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