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RC MICROELECTRÓNICA will present its new products at the trade fair

RC MICROELECTRÓNICA will present its new products at MATELEC. Bogen Magnetics has spearheaded the market in high performance magnetic, lineal and rotational scales for more than 20 years. By combining a unique magnetisation system with advanced measurement technology, Bogen has been able to develop measurement solutions capable of resolving the needs of many OEMs.

Bogen now presents the IKS9 encoder. This product offers excellent precision, resolution and capacity for customisation, as well as being easy to use. These sensors are being used in a variety of printing, robotics and machine tools systems, offering advantages in almost all market sectors.

The IKS9 sensor offers a wide range of options for customisation, from the width of the chassis to the cables and connectors. It is also possible to personalise electrical parameters such as resolution, frequency, interface and output voltage. There are more than a million different versions of the IKS9, enabling the customer to choose the most suitable option.

With resolutions of 625um to 20nm and with a precision in magnetic scales of 3um per metre, the IKS9 enables OEMS manufacturers to harness the advantages of magnetic technology (robustness and ease of use) as well as functioning alongside optical encoders.

The technical specification of the IKS9 sensor is available through the following link: http://www.bogen-electronic.com/files/bilder/PDF/Technical_Data_Sheet_IKS9_Rev_2_1.pdf


More information at www.matelec.ifema.es and http://www.rcmicro.es/contacto/