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ROBLAM will be at LIGHTEC celebrating its 30th anniversary as a brand home | see all news
ROBLAM will be at LIGHTEC celebrating its 30th anniversary as a brand

ROBLAN, a company that specialises in creating and distributing lighting solutions and electrical material, is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of foundation of the brand this year. The company, which will participate in LIGHTEC, was created in 1986, and has been able to expand its international presence exponentially over the last 30 years, after establishing its logistics centre in Spain in 2004.

These days, ROBLAN products can be found in three critical regions (Africa, Europe and Latin America) and up to a dozen countries, including Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Morocco, among others.

ROBLAN has managed to rank itself among the top five lighting brands in the Iberian Peninsula, by growing continuously since 1986, achieving a turnover of €12 million in 2015 and selling three million units of more than 800 references.

More than 30 years of experience in the sector have been marked by continuous innovation and high quality standards, enabling ROBLAN to offer excellent customer services, which include value-added services such as bespoke logistics, consultancy in the development of luminotechnical projects, personal attention from service managers and storage and stock control, among others.

In recent years, the continuous advances in LED technology has become increasingly present, which is why the company is constantly making improvements and innovations in its product range. In the most recent update it added 40 new LED product references, which range from emergency luminaires to wall lights, projectors, shades and even classic lamps with integrated photo-detectors and sensors.

To celebrate its anniversary at the beginning of September, ROBLAN will launch a range of initiatives to bring its innovations in the lighting technology to all of its customers.


More information at the Fair and at www.roblan.com