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URBENER supplies electricity at the best price

URBENER, a firm that will be exhibiting at MATELEC, supplies electricity at the best price by purchasing it at a cheaper price, directly on the wholesale market (without a marketer) and is a direct client of Red Eléctrica de España.

URBENER explains that the company manages its customers’ demand for electricity by incorporating them into the Wholesale Market and converting them into market subjects and customers of Red Eléctrica de España. “This means that they get their electricity at the best price by eliminating intermediaries that increase the purchase price. We neither market nor distribute electricity, ours are REE prices".

The company makes a preliminary study, free of charge and with no commitment. “We take the last four or five electricity bills, and analyse and show what kind of savings are possible when customers buy and manage their energy directly with the market operator (OMIE)".

The firm manages each incorporation individually and securely to enable companies to benefit from the advantages of the daily system, adjusting the demand according to hourly energy prices for direct, immediate savings. “The Wholesale Electricity Market is a reality available to all consumers. With no lock-in period, our customers are free to switch whenever they want to”.

URBENERA has created a free app for comparing the difference between the rates you are paying for electricity and what you would be paying on the Free Market. This tool is available to all users on the following link: https://www.urbener.com/simulador_sin_login/t1.php


More information at www.matelec.ifema.es and www.Urbener.com/