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Trade fairs offer numerous opportunities for achieving significant commercial objectives in a short time

A marketing seminar for exhibitors, organised by IFEMA for exhibitors at ePower&Building at FERIA DE MADRID, explains how to make the most of a trade fair

Raúl Calleja, Director of the Trade Fair, explained to 100 participants that taking part in a trade fair is one of the most extensive, effective marketing tools.

Trade fairs are events that multiply companies’ opportunities to achieve significant objectives in a short space of time in terms of business, communication, impacts, time and agenda, because of their great sector impact. This was explained by Raúl Calleja, Events Director of IFEMA, at a Fair Marketing Seminar for exhibitors aimed at companies taking part in the exhibitions that make up ePower&Building, at FERIA DE MADRID, attended by 100 companies. The meeting highlighted how taking part in a trade fair is one of the most comprehensive, cost effective tools in existence.

The seminar looked at the advantages of ePower&Building, an event that includes CONSTRUTEC, PIEDRA, VETECO, BIMEXPO, MATELEC and URBÓTICA, organised by IFEMA, which will take place from 25 to 28 October 2016, at FERIA DE MADRID.

Attendees at the Trade Fair Seminar for Exhibitors learned how to get the maximum return on investment when taking part in a trade fair, and how to generate the largest number of business opportunities. The event also touched on how sales staff at an event can strengthen their company’s image. They learned how, when and who should be communicating to attract quality traffic to the stand. A number of practical cases were presented during the seminar.


. Productivity and efficiency

Among the topics on the agenda were trade fairs as a marketing tool and their place in a global strategy; how to calculate ROI and which variables to take into account to maximise it, the 80/20 method and the resources to devote to each aspect. They also looked at stands and functional creativity to achieve profitability, and how sales and customer services staff need to attend to and sell to visitors, the communication strategy; how, when, what and who....

Raúl Calleja talked about how organising participation in a trade fair is “a challenge for all marketing and communications staff. As he explained, “to do it correctly, we need to interiorise a work method, have well managed preparation habits, and focus on productivity and efficiency.

He said that the event must be a large-scale business meeting for the offer and demand from a specific sector, “an instrument that multiplies the direct impact on a specific target in a very short time”. Among the variables that optimise attendance, he talked of, “getting into your visitors’ minds, which means thinking about why they come to the fair, what they are looking for and what they would like to find. Focusing your activities on what visitors are looking for, giving special emphasis to how they are invited, who to invite, when and what for, what do I have to offer that is different, how do I contact clients, how shall I display my product, what kind of follow up should I do?.

You need to come to the fair thinking, “I'm going to enjoy this, exhibit what I have and get some business opportunities, which means that you must first identify your objective, do some pre-show promotion, generate traffic and impacts and then follow up.

The seminar also explored the importance of return on investment, highlighting the opportunity to decide “How much investment is necessary to generate opportunities and an impact on my business?” and, “What is the maximum return I can expect from my participation in an event?


. Maximum performance in ePower&Building

Raúl Calleja revealed some of the secrets that enable exhibitor companies to get so much from their participation in ePower&Building, an event which he manages himself. The objective of the trade fair for 2016 is to generate 400,000 euros of business opportunities with the “T” solution in the spokesperson area (30% and 100 direct contacts), distribution (20% and 200 direct contacts) and installation (50% and 900 direct contacts).

Among the tips he gave the companies was to “create and define a winning message, create expectation for visitors before the show, make the event a not-to-be-missed one, attract visitorsattention at the Trade Fair, stand out from the crowd, identify the companys soul and test out new sales arguments”. Whats more, the product should attract attention, be original, generate experiences and meet needs”, and other activities can be carried out such as “preparing invitations which specify which stand customers should visit and a schedule for mailing customers, talking about participation in the event in corporate media, newsletters, communication with clients, delivery notes, banners, advertising in industry media, Facebook, Twitter, etc.”.

In addition, to promote attendance at the Trade Fair and attract visitors to their stands, exhibitors should take advantage of all the promotional tools provided by the trade fair, such as communication and publication channels, newsletters, social networks, media actions... Optional advertising media, visitor database, innovation gallery, seminars and training sessions, hosted guest programme; ViaInnova...