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Shops in Madrid, Catalonia and Castile and León upgrade their electrical installations to improve efficiency, a prominent theme at the event home | see all news

Small shops in autonomous regions such as Madrid, Catalonia and Castile and León will be able to upgrade their electrical installations by taking advantage of the range of initiatives available in these territories, whose main objective is to stimulate the industrial sector. The first step is to check the condition of existing installations on the basis of which their energy saving and efficiency potential will be analysed, areas that will be particularly prominent at MATELEC.

The Government of Catalonia, through the Consortium of Trade, Craftsmanship and Fashion of Catalonia (CCAM) and the Catalan Energy Institute  (ICAEN) - The Association of Distributors of Electrical Materials (ADIME), the Catalan Association of Installers Guilds (AGIC) and the Spanish Association of Electrical Equipment Manufacturers (AEME) are drafting a Project for Efficient Trade of Catalonia, which will encourage users to upgrade their electrical installations, primarily for climate control and lighting in small businesses. Similar initiatives are underway in other autonomous communities such as Madrid and Castile y León.

In Catalonia, installations, potential savings and energy efficiency are measured by AGIC installers who perform energy diagnoses in small businesses.