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Spain overtakes Germany in renewable energy production, a factor of sustainability very evident at the trade fair home | see all news

Renewable energy sources - the sun, wind, water and biomass - contributed 37.1% of total kilowatts to the Spanish electricity mix in 2015, while gas, coal and nuclear virtually tied, according to data published by Red Eléctrica de España. The percentage of renewable energy in our country is higher than that in Germany.

Last year, renewable energy generation in Germany accounted for 31% of total energy produced in the country. According to data published by the United States Energy Agency, the growth registered in 2015 was the highest in both percentage and absolute terms for at least a decade.

In Spain, according to REE, nuclear plants met 21.9% of the country's electricity requirements, coal 20.3% and gas, around 20%. Thermal power stations that burn natural gas accounted for 10.1% of the electricity and cogeneration plants supplied the remaining 10%.