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ALVARO MALLOL, director of DICOMAT/WAGO Spain home | see all news
"MATELEC is a driving force that catalyses commercial activity and enables users to talk to an 'infinite' number of customers"

How has the company evolved in recent years and how is it approaching the market?

Our company in Spain has taken advantage of the crisis to develop its commercial strategy by focusing on certain industries that were not among its main targets in the past and where WAGO automation and electricity connection solutions represent a differential value.

WAGO is currently facing the world and the Spanish market, as a global automation solutions supplier, offering components and advanced technical support for industry, processes and smart building integrators. The Electrical Connection division of the company defends its leading position in the market, and the company is the undisputed global leader for spring pressure connections, original cage clamps, in the electricity, electronic and lighting sectors.


What are your main innovative strategies for standing out from the competition?

The traditional 4Ps of business marketing (Product, Place, Price and Promotion) are less effective when not accompanied by innovations in current and future customer services. At Dicomat/Wago we offer services and information through a personalised customer Extranet with valuable information for the day-to-day work done by their purchasing, administration and sales departments.

You will also find informative videos that explain how our solutions work on our website and on social networks, as well technical information that enables customers to take independent decisions and reduces the number of non-critical consultations, improving our response time, given that customers can access critical information on demand.


What do you do in terms of innovation?

We have around 500 engineers in Germany working full time on product development and support, which enables us to develop numerous new products that improve our customers’ solutions.

Wago was founded in Germany in 1951 with the first spring clamp electrical connection clamp, so innovation is part of our DNA.  The Automation Division was formed in 1995 with the launch of the first equipment for modular analogue and digital management, universal inputs/outputs, independent of the field bus and with free SW. WAGO's “We Innovate” motto sums up the sector’s overall opinion of our company.


How do you think that MATELEC will help to drive your business activities and the sector as a whole?

Dicomat/WAGO has attended all the editions of MATELEC since 1982, and is probably the most experienced exhibitor at a trade fair which is certainly a celebration for the electricity and automation sector in Spain. MATELEC is a driving force that catalyses commercial activity and enables users to talk to an infinite' number of current and potential customers.

This edition, which will coincide with our emergence from the crisis, will be an excellent opportunity for engineers, technicians, installers and integrators in general to update their knowledge and take the pulse of this emerging market, if they use suitable components and solutions.